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My experience with SR employment was one worthwhile opportunity which I found very rewarding after I was able to find a job in such a short space of time. I found out about SR employment through Rania who came to the jobcentre where I was at and her help and support made me gain more confidence with myself as an individual as well as when looking for employment. Within 3 weeks of having met Rania she assured me that I'd be a good candidate for the jobs she knew were available and finally after having shared her knowledge and expertise with me I was able to get a job. Having had Rania's help and support made me get out my comfort zone and showed me the right way to approach and engage in employment opportunities.

Rania's customer service towards me and my work ethics in looking for a job was very professional. I think that what made me engage more with her was her personality and her determination to work with people looking for a job which in this case enabled me to connect with her on a personal level. I then had an insight that she knew exactly what she was doing and she knew how to get me to where I wanted to get to which i hadn't experienced before. Rania was a big support to me and to me she satisfied my needs to such a high extent, even if I hadn't got a job Rania showed me the right way forward when looking for a job and how to overcome obstacles when job hunting and when going to an interview what would be the best way to engage with the interviewer in order to make myself a plausible candidate for whatever job.

I am very happy with Rania's customer service towards me and the amount of effort she was able to put in for me - even when it meant to choose an outfit for my interview. I cannot thank Rania enough for what she has done for me and I appreciate all the time and effort that she has put in for me alone. I cant help but stress the fact that Rania is one of few that have made a difference in my life and with her I have learnt an awful lot. With her help I am now looking forward to my new job and hopefully to put the skills and knowledge she has taught me into practice now and in the future.

Once again I thank Rania for all her hardwork and since she is a part of the SR employment team it is one that I have become fond of and think is a great agency which helps people move into employment sectors without much difficulty. I am grateful of the work which SR employment was able to provide for me but most importantly the work and effort that Rania put in for me.

Kind Regards

I had a good overall experience with SR Employment. They were able to arrange an interview which led to employment
within a few weeks.
Kind Regards

To Whom It May Concern

My experience with SR employment was overall a great experience the team were very professional and helpful that got me back into work very quickly.

Kind Regards



My experience with SR employment has been very helpful and pleasant. The first time I was contacted about a job and was able to have an interview prep meeting to inform us about the interview. We were also advised on what to wear, the best way to get noticed and was able to practise a role play, which helped with the interview.  However I was unsuccessful with that job I was not left without any help. I was given feedback on the interview and was later contacted on another job that I was able to get.

Overall the experience was very good and the employee that was helping me was very kind, helpful and patient.



I hope this was helpful.



Re: SR Employment.


My experience has been great with this recruitment company.

Successfully they helped me to secure a permanent role, by understanding my strengths in order for me to build on my weaknesses. This can be achieved by continuing with the attitude and positive feedback given by the SR Employment team.

Rania from SR Employment has been great by assisting me with advic/ feedback and with her  thorough work ethic. I started a new job within a brilliant comapny. Do I like it? Yes! Here I can utilise my natural skills and gain new skills too.

The service was very professional. I actually had only been of service by the company for three weeks before to going for an interview and starting the position, Rania had put me forward for.


I am very impressed and would refer them to others. Should I require there service again, I shall indeed be in contact with them.


Kind Regards,


I had a very great experience with SR employement, I was searching for a job via the Job centre plus for a month. And thanks to SR employement, I got a job at the first interview.


The adviser was very friendly and helpfull, she preperad us for our second interview and gave us great advices like a coach would do with a team. 

She also make us feel more confident about ourselves and let us know that she would follow us and help us with other job positions if this one was unsuccessful.


Thanks to the informations about the campany provided by her most of the selected candidates were successful and re-seclected at the second interview.


In addition, she contacted me to congratulate me!



Best regards,




I had a very rewarding first experience with SR. Employment; they have helped me in a big way. As well as making me feel comfortable and relaxed Rania gave me great advice and constructive criticism which played a great part in helping me secure my job at mango. My first time meeting Rania was surprisingly different to how I expected I was very nervous however Rania's professional but somewhat laid back and friendly attitude made me feel totally at ease and immediately more confident. It was a pleasure working with Rania I am so pleased with my job and very grateful for Rania's interview prep which helped me gain the skills and confidence I needed to get my new job

Kind Regards


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